Posted by: Urban Stages | January 18, 2014

How to Book a Birthday Party Magician in New Hope, PA

You Can Relax and Enjoy Your Child’s Birthday Party — If You Read This BEFORE Booking the Magician

Want to book a birthday party magician in New Hope, PA?

Nowadays, anyone can claim to be “Pennsylvania’s Best Magician for Kids,” but how do you filter through all the ad-copy and choose a New Hope magician you can trust? Someone who truly understands the importance of your child’s birthday party?

Leave it to chance, and you’ll watch in disbelief as your idea of a fun/engaging event for your child melts into a nightmare.

Read about the 3 things you need to do BEFORE booking a magician in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and you’ll get the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with giving your child an incredibly fun birthday party.

3 Things You Need to Do Before Booking a Kids Party Magician in PA

Read reviews. Check out what other parents are saying. Word travels quickly, and the best children’s magicians make it easy for you to see what everyone’s saying.

If you go through an entertainment agency, then you might have trouble getting reviews about an individual performer. Book a local professional whenever possible so you know who you’re getting.

Watch the demo video. Most videos run between 1-2 minutes long (and you’ll probably have a good sense of whether the show is a fit within the first 30 seconds).

Here’s a fun way to involve your child in the birthday party planning: choose 3 magicians that you like and watch demo videos together. If your son or daughter is beaming and giggling during the video, then that’s a great sign!

Make sure the magic show is age-appropriate. Professional birthday party magicians perform different shows for different ages.

Why? Because otherwise they risk doing a magic show that’s perceived as either too “babyish” or “boring.”

You’d never have the kids watch Barney at a 12 year old birthday party, right? The same goes for the magician you choose. Make sure the magician offers a show that’s squeaky-clean and that your child will find engaging and entertaining.

Ready to Book a Magician in New Hope, Pennsylvania?

Now that you know what to do before booking a birthday party magician, I invite you to visit my Pennsylvania Birthday Party Page.

You can read my reviews, watch my video and then let’s get on the phone to see if my magic show is a fit for your child’s special day.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you all the best in the planning of your son or daughter’s birthday party!


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