Posted by: Urban Stages | October 15, 2012

Best Kid’s Party Magician Tribeca NYC

Tribeca Magician NYC Party Entertainment

Planning your child’s party? Want to stop the little rascals from tearing your house apart?

You could ask the kids to sit down nicely and behave themselves. If that fails, then there’s always bribing them with candy…But if that doesn’t work, then what do you do?

There’s an easier, kid tested and parent approved way that works every time. Want to know what it is?

Call Magic Evan.

But wait. Magic Evan is not your average children’s magician.

Yes, he has years of experience performing magic at a wide range of venues. But the thing that makes him unique is his experience as a teacher.

Evan has taught grades K-12 in NYC Public Schools. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Theater from NYU, and he is an expert at keeping the kids (and adults) engaged and entertained the entire time.

This means that you’ll be able to sit-back, relax and enjoy your child’s party with those who matter most. No more chasing kids around the house. No more replacing broken furniture. Just good old fashioned family fun.

So call Tribeca Magician Magic Evan and make your child’s party the most fun and stress-free one yet


You’ll be happy you did!


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