Posted by: Urban Stages | September 4, 2012

Magic Lessons in Park Slope Brooklyn

Want to learn magic?

Back in the old days, it was nearly impossible to take magic lessons in Park Slope, Brooklyn. In order to learn magic, you’d have to get permission from a wizard who lived in Prospect Park. Whether it was Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you’d walk up the hill  – both ways – through  the ice, sleet and snow. You’d try to get an iced coffee as you passed Union Market but – back then – we didn’t even have water to make the coffee. We had to smash together our own hydrogen and oxygen atoms. But I digress… you’d make the journey up and down the hill three times. Only then would the wizard allow you to become his apprentice and take magic lessons.

Now taking a magic class in Brooklyn is easy. All you have to do is  pick up the phone and call (toll-free) 1-855-MAGIC-38. Or you can click this link to view my schedule for Magic Lessons in Brooklyn. My my how times have changed!



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