Posted by: Urban Stages | August 16, 2012

Summer Library Magic Shows NYC


summer library magic show

Kids are motivated to keep reading as they watch Evan’s magic show.

NYC Children’s Magician Magic Evan Motivates Kids to Read

It’s summertime and I’m busy performing my popular Library Magic Show, “Abracadabra: Reading is Magic” at libraries across New York City.

This magic show is one of my personal favorites to perform. Why? Because I started learning magic at my local library when I was only 6 years old.

When I was 6, I took a trip to the  library that changed my life: I checked out a magic book.

As I read the book, I discovered the secrets to performing amazing magic tricks. I learned how to make things disappear, reappear, and float. I felt like I had been given access to a secret and awesome world that nobody else knew about.

I quickly realized that – with a little practice – I could impress my friends and family with the tricks I read about. This worked out well for me because – although I played sports and was involved in tons of extracurricular activities – I really wasn’t the “cool kid.”

Reading and magic gave me a chance to be cool (even for just a second!). Magic and reading have given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.  Magic helped me pay my bills when I was in college and graduate school. Magic and reading have allowed me to travel to different countries. And, most importantly, magic helped me impress the girl I wanted to marry (and did!).

If you’d like to see my  library magic show or want to schedule a school assembly, then check out my NYC Elementary School Assembly Reading Program.

You can also see me perform the show live at a library near you:

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Monday, August 20th @ 3:00 pm

St. Georges Library Center

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Tuesday, August 21st @ 4:00 pm

New York Public Library – Seward Park

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Wednesday, August 22nd @2:30 pm

Brooklyn Public Library – Clarendon

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Thursday, August 23rd @ 2:00 pm

Brooklyn Public Library – Pacific

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Friday, August 24th @ 2pm

Brooklyn Public Library – Kings Bay

Abracadabra Starring Magic Evan

Friday, August 3st @ 2:00 pm

New York Public Library – Columbus

Thank you for stopping by. Now go grab a book and enjoy the magic of reading!


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