Posted by: Urban Stages | May 29, 2012

NYC Christening Party Magician

NYC Magician for Christening Parties

NYC Magician Magic Evan

Magic Evan Makes Christening Parties Fun!

Planning your child’s Christening Party? How are you going to keep the kids engaged and entertained?

Instead of chasing the kids around and praying for good behavior, simply arrange a magic show.

In addition to adding fun and laughter to your child’s Christening Party, a professional magician can help keep the kids engaged and entertained. This means that the grown-ups will have an opportunity to relax, chat, and eat some delicious food!

If you’re having the Christening Party at a restaurant, then the best time for a magic show is between the time everyone has placed their orders and the time they’re waiting for the food to be served. A professional magician will engage the kids the entire time so that you don’t have to! Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel once you know you can enjoy this special occasion with your family and friends.

Every year, hundreds of families trust NYC Magician Magic Evan to make their special occasions fun and memorable.

Now that you know how to make everyone happy, all you have to do now is pick up the phone and call Magic Evan.

Available dates are disappearing every day, so call now before it’s too late!

(toll-free) 1-855-624-4238

You’ll be glad you did!


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