Posted by: Urban Stages | April 22, 2012

NYC Summer Camp Magic Show Activities

NYC Summer Camp Magic Show Activities

Dear Summer Camp Director:

How much FUN do you want your campers to have this summer?

If you’re thinking, “A LOT!” then you should consider arranging a magic show for your summer camp.

Here are just a few ways you can have all of the campers going home to tell their parents about the fun they had at your summer camp:

  • A Summer Camp Magic Show: Specifically tailored for summer camps, Magic Evan’s magic show will allow you to sit-back, relax and end the summer on a high note.
  • Interactive Magic Workshops: Your staff and counselors work really hard. Give everyone a break by having Magic Evan engage and entertain your entire camp: after the show, he’ll teach your campers how to do some magic tricks that will impress their friends and family when they go home.
  • A Family Carnival Night: Invite families over to camp for a fun night of playing games and activities. After playing games and winning prizes, the night ends with a fun magic show that the entire family will love!

When you arrange an appearance by Magic Evan, you’ll be adding a unique experience to your summer camp that everyone – from your campers to the counselors and even the parents – will love.

Magic Evan is a very popular NYC Magician and available dates are disappearing every day.

So call now to check your date for availability (toll-free)

1-855-624-4238   OR 1-855-MAGIC-38

You’ll be GLAD you did. And so will your campers and their parents.


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