Posted by: Urban Stages | April 15, 2012

Kid’s Party at the New York Sports Club

Kid’s Party at the New York Sports Club

kids parties nysc

Having a party at the NYSC?

I just finished a magic show for a kids party at the New York Sports Club on 1637 Third Avenue in Manhattan. What a fun place for a party! It’s a great party venue because the space is large (perfect for kids who want to run around), the staff is super friendly, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your house after the party! After playing a few party games, the kids sat down for my magic show. Within seconds of starting the magic show, all of the kids were laughing and smiling. My show ran for 40 minutes, and then I made balloon-animals for all of the kids to take home in their goody-bags.  When the show was over, so many of the parents came up to me. One Mom said, “Your wife is really lucky. You’ kept them all engaged the entire time.. you’re great with the kids!” A bunch of dads came up to ask how I did some of my tricks. But, rules are rules, a magician can never reveal his secrets… If you’re looking for a party place in Manhattan that’s perfect for running and playing, then definitely check out the NYSC.  To add fun, laughter and magic that keeps the kids (and adults) entertained, call Magic Evan at 1-855-624-4238. You can also click this link to go to our Kid’s Party Page.


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