Posted by: Urban Stages | April 5, 2012

Magic Show for Boy and Girl Scouts | NY Magician

Magic Show for Boy and Girl Scouts | NY Magician

“It’s easy to make your troop meetings entertaining and educational!”

Looking for an entertaining and educational program for your Cub Scout or Girl Scouts?

Here’s an idea: arrange a magic show and workshop for your troop’s next meeting.

After watching my magic show, your scouts will go home and tell their parents about how much fun they had at their Scout meeting. My 100% squeaky-clean magic show is specifically tailored for Scout Meetings and will engage and entertain your entire pack or troop – guaranteed.

Plus, your Scouts will feel empowered because I’ll teach the Scouts how to perform some simple magic tricks. Your troop will feel proud because they’ll be learning a new skill. Plus, my magic workshop is the perfect way for them to earn their magic badge, merit badge, or award.

I use my unique experience as both an educator and a performer to entertain and educate your troops. As a former boy scout myself, I have since earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Theater from New York University and perform hundreds of magic shows for children and families each year.

You can make your next Scout meeting fun and educational. All you have to do is call now to check your date for availability (toll-free) 1-855-MAGIC-38. You’ll be thrilled that you did. And so will your scouts and their parents.


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