Posted by: Urban Stages | April 3, 2012

7 Simple Tips for Planning Party Entertainment

7 Simple Tips for Planning Party Entertainment | NYC Kids Parties

Want everyone to have fun at your child’s party?

You can hire a professional magician, but you could still end up making some common mistakes that would ruin even the best party entertainment.

Follow these simple tips for planning party entertainment, and your child’s special day will be a hit!

  1. Have the party inside. Kids get distracted easily. Imagine all the trouble that can happen when you put bees, insects, wind and unpredictable weather into play. Do yourself a favor and plan the entertainment for inside. You can have the rest of the party outside if you want.
  2. Stop talking. Know how annoying it is when someone’s speaking behind you at the movies? Kids feel the same way when you talk during their show.
  3. Turn off the music. ‘Nuf said.
  4. Plan the stage. Ideally, the entertainer should perform with their back to a wall. If the performance takes place near an entrance, exit, or doorway, then the show could be interrupted by guests going in and out.
  5. Keep the children’s hands free. The best children’s party entertainers have shows that are packed with audience participation. But kids can’t touch the props if their hands are sticky. And they can’t come up on stage if they’re busy eatting or holding balloons.
  6. Enjoy the show. When you hire a professional magician, you can expect to have a lot of fun. If you want to talk with the adults, then move to another room so that everyone else can enjoy the show.
  7. Serve cake at the end. Instead of chasing kids around the house, make your job 1,000 times easier by asking the performer to help you escort the kids to the table after the show.

That’s it! Follow these 7 simple steps to planning party entertainment, and you can enjoy your child’s special day with those who matter most… your family and friends.

For more helpful party tips, visit Magic Evan’s website: or call 1-855-MAGIC-38.


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