Posted by: Urban Stages | March 10, 2012

Best Magician Upper East Side, NYC

Looking for a kid’s party magician on the Upper East Side? How about a convenient place for a party? I just did another magic show at Pizzeria UNO, which is located at 220 East 86th Street in Manhattan. What a great place for a party!

NYC Party Pizzeria UNO

A fun magic show keeps everyone entertained while their pizzas are cooking.

As soon as the guests arrived, the kids sat down, put on chef hats, and started making their own personal pizzas. While the pizzas were cooking, both the children and adults were dazzled and delighted by my fun family magic show. They had a blast! Party Tip: While waiting for your guests to show up,  order some guacamole and chips for the adults to munch on.

Delicious food and fun family entertainment? It doesn’t get much better than that! Call today to arrange a magical party that everyone will go home talking about:      (toll-free) 1-855-624-4238.



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