Posted by: Urban Stages | December 2, 2011

Planning a Holiday Party in NYC for All Ages

Remember the awe and wonder you felt as a child during the holiday season? I know plenty of adults that wish they could feel that again… but it’s just too darn difficult to throw a holiday party that’s fun for both the kids and the adults.

Or is it?

When you’re a parent, your first instinct is to naturally think about the kids. An appearance by Santa, gingerbread house decorating, and a holiday movie are perfect for the little ones…. but what about you?

An easy and sure-fire way to re-kindle the holiday spirit is to arrange a strolling magic show by a professional NYC Magician.

Remember: we’re not talking about a children’s magic show! This is magic for adults presented by a skilled and professional magician.

Can you imagine, for a second, how much fun it would be to see your friends completely giddy over a miracle that just happened in their hands? Most people only see magic on television. How special would your guests feel once they were part of this unique and awe-inspiring experience?

You can think of it this way: what do you want your guests to be talking about after your holiday party? Will they be talking about a run-of-the-mill gathering? Or will they spend the rest of the month thanking you for all the fun and laughter they had at your holiday party?

People forget what you say, but they remember how you made them feel.” – Warren Beatty

Do yourself a favor and treat your guests to an experience they will not soon forget. Arrange an appearance by a professional magician who can make your guests feel special by deftly presenting the Art of Magic.

Before you know it, you’ll be re-living the magic of the holidays you felt not so long ago.


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