Posted by: Urban Stages | October 8, 2011

Best Birthdays in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for Kids

As one of the busiest magicians in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from parents asking for some advice:  “How do I give my child a great birthday party?”

Sure, they could just do the usual… but these parents want the real secrets to giving their children a great party. The kind of birthday party where everyone has a great time. The kind of party where all the kids can’t stop talking about the “awesome” time they had. The kind of party that makes the other parents jealous.

I’ve performed magic shows for hundreds and hundreds of families in Brooklyn. And while it’s true – no two birthdays can be exactly alike – the inside-secret amongst party professionals is that the best birthday parties have these 6 things in common:

  1. Food – Always a crowd pleaser. Buffet style is a win-win: everyone can eat what they want/when they want and all you have to do is put out the food. A big benefit to serving everything buffet style is that you can easily control the pace of the party by what’s offered. Want things to move a little quicker? Put dessert out. Want to buy some more time? Refill the nachos!
  2. Interactive Activities – Increasing the number of opportunities
    for the kids to interact and play is an easy and sure-fire way to make your child’s next birthday party fun and memorable. You can actually tell the difference between a professional event and an amateur one by counting the number of interactions there are per minute. The next time you’re at a live sports event or nightclub, a concert or line-up of comedians, take 1 minute and try keeping track of how many times the performers get you to sing-along, chant, respond, repeat, clap, stand up, etc. It will be a really high number… and that’s a big reason why the audience has so much fun! So remember: keep the kids active… and they’ll be engaged… and everyone will have a great time!
  3. Games – While you’re waiting for all of the guests to arrive, set-up relay races, dramatic activities, arts & crafts, and simple cooking/decorating activities to keep children engaged and entertained. Avoid games where kids have to wait in line for their turn to participate. Ideally, everyone should be able to participate in a game at the same time. Kids (especially younger ones) who have to “wait their turn” can get distracted and find clever ways to cause mischief. If needed, modify the game so that everybody has a role to play.
  4. Balloons – The more balloons there are, the more smiles there’ll be! There’s something about balloons that brighten up any room and add
    to the party atmosphere. You don’t even need to fill them up with helium. I’ve performed magic shows at awesome parties in Brooklyn where the parents hang balloons on the wall or simply place them on the floor. Balloons make great souvenirs, too. A fun way to give them out is to book a professional clown, balloon-artist, or magician (they’re my favorite!) to make balloon animals for everyone to take home.
  5. Prizes – Do you remember when you were a child how excited
    you were to trade in your tickets at the prize booth? There’s very little in life that makes kids happier than getting a prize after a game. Keep in mind that small and inexpensive prizes go a long way. Just swing by (they have a lowest price guarantee) and you’ll find everything you need.
  6. Magic Shows – Okay… I’m a bit biased… but everybody knows that if you really want to impress your guests, then you should arrange an appearance by a Professional Children’s Magician. You’ve seen it: even the parents’ faces light up when a magician enters the room. Having a professional children’s magician for your child’s party also means that you’ll get to sit-back, relax, and actually enjoy the day with those who matter most… your family and friends. Professional magicians offer the ingredients of the best parties for kids: interactive magic shows, balloons, prizes and lots of family fun!

So when you’re ready to throw a great party for kids in Brooklyn, just give me a buzz. You’ll be glad you did!


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