Posted by: Urban Stages | September 24, 2011

Making Magic in Brooklyn

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just did a magic show for a lovely family in Brooklyn, NY. After dazzling and delighting the children with my comedy and sleight-of-hand, the kids all gathered around at the end of the show and asked for my autograph.  Aww shucks…it’s good to be a children’s magician.

For this birthday party, the parents took advantage of my specialty: customizing magic shows for children and families. Specifically, they asked me to customize the magic show so that it would be perfect for their 7 year old daughter who wanted a birthday party with a Pokemon theme.

I made sure that everything from the magic to the music and souvenirs were Pokemon Themed. I chose the birthday girl to be the star of the show as our “Pokemon Master.” There was fun, laughter, lots of audience participation
and amazing magic throughout. A highlight of the show was making a Poke Ball disappear, transform and reappear in a “Pokemon Trainer’s” hands!  After the magic show, all of the children went home with their own balloon animals and smiles that went from ear to ear.

Want to know how I’d customize a magic show for your child’s party? Making every birthday party unique and special is what I do.  Whenever you’re ready, just give me a call or click here to check your date for availability.

In the meantime, I’m off to perform a magic show for a birthday party at BounceU in Brooklyn. Wish me luck!


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